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“Randy and I worked closely together in marketing at Con Ed Clean Energy Businesses. As we both moved on, I reached out to Randy to help me with some branding initiatives at my new employer. On that project, Randy continued to demonstrate his excellent design aesthetic and abilities as well as the professional and helpful attitude I had come to know from our past interactions. All of these skills were very much appreciated by me and my new employer.”

Thomas McLemore – Marketing Professional

“I worked with Randy over the course of three and a half years at the Clean Energy Businesses of Con Edison. In my two plus decades of managing marketing departments, I can confidently say that Randy is one of the most creative individuals I’ve worked with. With little direction of the desired outcome, he can envision and design creative that very often hit the mark. He takes great pride in his work and is passionate about the outcome. I never saw less than 100% from him. He is without question one of the most dedicated staff I’ve ever managed as evidenced by his logging into the backend of our website while vacationing in the Caribbean with spotty wi-fi to fix an issue we were having on our website. Randy is a value to any organization seeking a talented, creative, passionate, and dedicated member of their team. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Randy again.”

Michael R. Tracy – Senior Marketing Executive

“Randy worked directly for me for two years and I can confidently say that he has outstanding imaginative and creative abilities. The quality of his work as well as his work ethic were second to none. Most importantly, Randy’s abilities are far beyond that of a typical creative director. He has a brilliant marketing mind and his thoughts and ideas were always forward thinking. He was an absolute pleasure to work with – our environment was demanding and Randy performed work for multiple stakeholders across the organization. Feedback from others was always positive. Additionally, he has an aptitude for training and mentoring junior creative and marketing individuals. Randy is extremely easy to get along with, has a great sense of humor and would make a positive impact on any group.”

Matt Marcus – Director at Accordion Partners

“Randy is a very talented designer and is a pleasure to work with. Randy is great about taking and interpreting feedback. He is a great collaborator and always seeks to reach the objectives of the project. I would highly recommend Randy not only for his talent and multiple skills but also he is a great team player and has a friendly and helpful personality.”

Robin Van Etten – Experienced Fundraiser and Direct Response Marketer

“Randy worked with me at Crius Energy in retail energy sector which is highly competitive, fast-moving and carefully regulated. We were trying to figure out the customer journey and optimize the user experience as we were launching new products and new markets so there was a lot of pressure on the Creative Team.

Randy had many internal customers to please and constant competing demands. He was extremely flexible in dealing with shifting priorities and changes in direction and always offered a fresh perspective and new solution. His creative work was “on-brand”, engaging and effectively optimized the customer interface. He showed initiative to be involved in project discussions way beyond the brief stage so he understood the business need and could work quickly and delivered solutions above and beyond what was asked.

Randy always demonstrated a strong passion and curiosity about his area of expertise and he took great care to be up-to-date about best practice digital capabilities. Importantly, Randy always shared his learning readily with his colleagues and with the broader marketing department. I’m recommending Randy with a lot of confidence that he will deliver a great product and be a valuable and productive colleague and team member.”

Christine Korduba
VP Brand Marketing/Global Integrated Communications, Citicorp, Global Consumer Bank

“I enjoyed working supervising Randy. He was always very passionate in his role and demanded a high quality of work from his team. Randy was not afraid to role up his sleeves (and did so often) to get projects done. It was a pleasure to have worked along side of Randy for nearly 6 years.”

Kip Finch Director of Creative and Digital Strategies at AngioDynamics

“When you’ve hit a plateau in your product and can’t seem to find the element needed to make it stand out, Randy is the one to take it over the edge and make it pop. I had the pleasure of working under his direction and learning so much about the business of online marketing. Randy would give me hints and references of technology that was not yet used for marketing and design but would later become the biggest thing. He was always ahead of the game by at least a few years. There are not many directors out there that know what it takes to stay current. Randy is that necessary creative edge to keep you noticeable.”

Noah Rodriguez – Creative Director and Interactive Designer | Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Web Designer

“CNSINTERACTIVE provided my company with an outstanding website. The owner, Randy Haims, was attentive and creative from the very beginning of the project. He continues to come up with creative ideas to constantly improve the appearance and effectiveness of the website. I have received numerous compliments from colleagues, prospective clients,etc about the professional “look” of the website. Please feel free to contact directly should you have any questions or require additional info about CNSINTERACTIVE !!! email:”

Michael J. Moore, Esq. President, Moore Title Services, Inc.

“Randy is a talented graphic designer, a savvy internet communicator and a strategic thinker. He pays attention to details while never losing sight of the big picture. He was a reliable team player on many successful marketing and branding projects at Save the Children, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Tracy Geoghegan – Director of Publications and Branding at Save the Children

“I partnered with Randy over the past 6 months to help deliver a prototype internet solution that I have leveraged for demonstration purposes to my customers. Randy brought skills and expertise to the table that are part of my team, nor typically staffed within my organization.

Randy brings a strong creative-edge to the table. He demonstrates practical knowledge as well as technical expertise. These skills allowed me to craft a pleasing and logical design for solution that users and owners could easily grasp to better understand the value of IBM software.

As new opportunities arise for me, where skills such as Randy’s are required, Randy would be my first choice to engage for assistance.”

Gary Solomon – Z Systems Software Client Leader at IBM

“Randy is a strong leader, who leads by example. He is patient in teaching new techniques and new ways of thinking to junior staff. He has a great design aesthetic and is constantly looking in unique places for inspiration. He is very detail-oriented and innovative is his approach to project management to give an A+ experience to all his internal clients. He goes beyond the scope of the request and suggests future user needs and requirements to give an experience that won’t be obsolete as soon as the project is over. He is very driven to learn and be challenged to keep his skills fresh and current.”

Lisa Romao – Associate Director, Digital Analytics at Save the Children US

“Randy is an extremely creative, talented direct marketing expert for web based solutions driving consumer and brand engagement: online activity, opt-ins, engagement and sales. I had the pleasure to work closely with Randy on the We Can Be Heroes cause marketing campaign together with external partners at DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers, using the Justice League of America franchise for supporter engagement for Horn of Africa fundraising for Save the Children. Feel free to contact me directly for more details.”

Samuel Connor – Managing Director at Samuel Connor and Associates

You can see more testimonials by visiting my profile on LinkedIn

View Randy Haims's profile on LinkedIn